Full Size Bed Frame for Hotel

The history of the full-size beds goes back to the Renaissance period when the beds became elaborate.

Today, the full-size bed, also known as the double bed, is often considered the standard bed size for single sleepers, giving maximum comfort within a small budget. Same in length as the twin bed, full beds are 16 inches wider. The extra width allows for a companion, pet, or favorite body-pillow.

Queen Size Bed Frame for Hotel

An Ideal size for Single to Two People With Four type of leg supports Top structure in two pieces With 6” Middle Optional Extension

Believed to be invented for Queen Elizabeth I, the queen-size bed are today a popular choice for master bedrooms in homes and premium guest rooms in hotels. With ample space, the queen-size beds today reign supreme in the mattress world. The popularity of the queen-size beds has made it easier to shop for accessories to go with this bed, making it a perfect blend of comfort and value.


King Size Bed Frame for Hotel

An Ideal size for Couples Two to Three People With three type of leg supports Top structure in two pieces

Historians believe that the first king-sized bed was created in 1890, and was far larger than a modern-day king: it could fit 15 people. In fact, the original sits at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. The modern king-size bed has been reduced to 76” x 80”, an ideal size for a couple to stretch out without disturbing each other’s sleep.

Durable high strength metal bed frame for hotel


  • Quick Assembly with minimum tools
  • Rigid and Robust Strength
  • Zero Maintenance
  • Metal netted frame
  • higher comfort
  • Long life
  • Lighter than wooden bed frame
  • Cannot be damaged by water
  • Fire retardant

Durable & Robust Bed Frame for hotel

  1. Fully Knockdown Assembly for Ease of Transportation
  2. Easy Assembly with Single Tool of Hand Screw Diriver

Supplier intended and approved use:

  • Commercial and residential use

Looking for metal bed frame manufacturers for cozy nights? You can now get your ideal comforters. Innovative INC is providing hotel bed frames of various sizes full size bed frames, queen size bed frames , king size bed frames , durable high strength metal bed frames, and durable & robust bed frames. These bed frames are specially designed to blend in any bedroom design, which allows for their use for naps. It includes an optional frame extension, mattress extender, leg brackets with levelers, and an MS sheet metal base cabinet with durable supports. These bed frames are useable extended features convenient for sleeping. To get comfortable and well-suited bed bases for hotels and motels, enquire now.

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