The CNC bending of metals is the change of shape of sheets according to a certain angle (greater or less than 90 degrees), between a punch in the form v (male) and a die also in the form of v (female). A pressure is applied between these two forms in a specialized press and the bending of the metal plate is achieved, stressing the external fibers of the material, without producing significant changes in the thickness of the material.

The bending opportunity offered by us ranges from very sharp angles to very
obtuse angles, perfect for the production of all types of cabinets, special pieces, or bending of metal plates.

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The CNC bending is to fold the same piece without having to remove the piece with high precision at one time.


  • Feeders for deer (trade)
  • Reinforcements of chassis (automotive)
  • Tractors agricultural machinery (agricultural sector)
  • Refrigeration (industry)
  • Railway (industry)

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