Innovative INC makes maximum use of space and stores so all documents are organized efficiently and systematically. Compactor storage systems can store files and host articles such as box files, stationery, books, and documents within less space.

Innovative INC has proper storage of filing documents so you can use them properly. A compactor storage system can save space and increase your storage capacity. Our compactor filing systems require only one AISLE and you can save rows. In the future when you want you can add bays.

We are a trusted compactor filing system manufacturer in India. As we provide various types of storage filing compactor with a lot of functions like protection, flexibility, security lock system, and more to meet our client’s needs. Moreover, we also offer a mobile compactor storage system, available in all different sizes.


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Features of Compactor Filling Systems:

  • Helping to find your file faster

Your time will be not waste and you will find the file easily

  • Secure your documents

This will help you to secure all your important documents

  • Dust proof

This will protect files from dust

  • Moveable

can easy to move anywhere

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