Every thriving business requires organization in various facets for effective and transparent functioning. A clever decision on organizing will promote the functioning and overall efficiency of day-to-day administration. When it comes to the office, one of the key factors will be maintaining documents. Creating and installing an efficient filing system will help the employees get access to the files without any hassles. One study revealed 49 percent of office workers complain they spend too much time locating documents. Just imagine the productive office hours going unfruitful!!

Drawing file cabinets is the idle solution to neatly arrange and store your valuable documents in the workplace. The first step to setting up a filing system is to identify the right file cabinet to take care of all of your daily needs and long-term goals. From size, orientation, and security to aesthetics, there are lots of factors to consider before selecting the right office file cabinet

Factors to Consider Before Buying a File Cabinet

Size of the Cabinet

The important factor in your decision making. Consider the size of the documents that you file and whether or not they can be folded. Then the storage space. Here you should understand how many documents you need to file and are the number of files going to remain the same

or the count will keep increasing. Cabinet files come in various sizes and types personalized to cater to your needs.


The prevalent office files are lateral, vertical, mobile, open shelf, and flat. Now the type of cabinet will depend on the nature of your workplace. While lateral cabinets with multiple

drawers are large office settings, as they hold more paper works. Vertical cabinets are preferred by offices that have more paperwork but there is a space shortage.


The sensitive documents which need to be kept away from prying eyes will need a locking system. If you feel the need for confidentiality then go for the locks. Here again, there are two locks. A cam lock is activated when you insert the key and rotate the lock. A plunger lock can be activated with a key but can be closed only by depressing the lock.

Fire Safety

Many offices hold confidential files that are of immense value but also irreplaceable. Here you must consider spending money on a fireproof cabinet that will safeguard your files in case of unexpected fire outbreaks.


If your office is frequented by clients do check on the aesthetic appeals. A functional and great-looking cabinet will not only enhance the workplace but goes a long way to create an impression on the clients.

Types Of File Cabinets


Drawing lateral filing cabinets have multiple drawers and are used by companies to help in organizing the bulk of important documents. They are a great piece of furniture to ensure the effective storage of files. The drawers can be smoothly operated. Lateral files allow you to file from side to side and can hold letters and legal-size hanging folders.


Vertical filing cabinets are great to address the issue of space in an office. Vertical cabinets take up less wall space. Cabinets do have multiple drawers but they are narrower just enough to hold letter-size folders. Vertical cabinets are idle for home offices and smaller workplace settings.


Mobile cabinets are easy to move from one place to the other. They help to keep the clutter of files out of the table so you can work with efficiency. There are modular cabinets available in customized ways to cater to your needs.

Open Shelf

Open shelf cabinets resemble a bookshelf with an open front. Instead of tucking the files into the drawers you can neatly arrange the folders and binders on the shelf. If you don’t need to place the valuable information from the site then an open shelf is the best option. This shelf is also idle to hold books and other items if you have excess space.


Flat cabinets have a completely flat front. They are also known as slab cabinet doors with no bevels and edges that have 90-degree corners. They are less common in places that use regular series of files. However, if you are looking to store items other than documents this is idle.

Contact office furniture manufacturers who will understand your needs and supply customized furniture to meet your demands.