What Is Laser Cutting? What Are Its Functions?

In the past years, laser cutting services have witnessed a surge in popularity. Now laser cutting has become an indispensable part of the manufacturing unit. Thanks to technology, the user interface has developed in a customer-friendly way.

Laser cutting is a contactless process that uses a laser to cut materials, resulting in high-quality, dimensionally accurate cuts. The combination of heat and pressure accelerates the cutting process.

The critical functions of laser technology are listed here. The use of laser cutter technology is for perforating, which is a process of boring or piercing a hole into a sheet of material to help it separate. Then there is laser cutting, which comes in three varieties: fusion, flame, and remote. Laser engraving involves engraving a permanent and deep mark on a material. Laser etching leaves traces on the product by melting the surface of items and products with high precision. Laser beam welding.is a process of joining two metal parts. By exposing solid materials to a pulsed laser beam, laser drilling removes the substances and creates percussion-drilled holes.


Why Choose Our Laser Cutting Services?

We are the leading facilitators of Laser cutting services. We have the credit of relentlessly providing services to leading industrial sectors like trade, automotive, agricultural sectors, Refrigeration, and Railways.

  •     ISO 9000 certification
  •     10+ years in this industry
  •     Provide practical solutions in real time
  •     Rapid prototyping and full-scale production
  •     Laser cutting with Acrylic, ABS,  and an MDF material
  •     Multi-material cutting, you can choose from 25+ different colors
  •     IP protection to ensure your designs are safe
  •     Dedicated customer support team.
  •     Constantly reviewing our quality to ensure standard suitability

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