Innovative INC is the best storage locker manufacturers in India, engaged in making storage lockers that can be used anywhere eg. schools, gyms, factories, clubs, etc.

We can provide you with the best and most suitable lockers for schools, lockers for gyms, health clubs, clothes lockers, and industry. We manufacture and export our lockers and our designs of lockers are in a unique way and complete solutions to all storage problems. Full-height doors with sufficient storage and heavy-duty hinges are used.

All industrial lockers with ventilation are located at the top and bottom of the door so that the air circulates in the locker. We are the number one storage locker manufacturer in India, We are also known as a customized storage locker. We offer various range of storage lockers for every type that you are looking for.


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  • Ventilation for air circulation
  • Unique interior fittings and other options are available
  • Rigid steel structure

Presence in USA

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