The Innovative INC set tool panel in an easy way so that it is a visible and accessible tool right above you and easy to hang on the wall. The tool boards are perforated on 32mm pitch, 15mm completely edged.
They’re real space saver and storing tools so that you can save space

These perforation tool panels can be easily moveable and easy to hang on the wall as well. This tool is multi-functional and it will help you to organize many things properly in different shape, size, and weight particular place for every single thing. There are various ranges of hooks for tools like spanners, files, drivers and power tools, etc

These are also known by different names but have the same applications such as perforation tool board, tool panel, and display tool panel.


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  • Steel construction
  • Easy to move and access to stored tools.
  • Hang on wall
  • The hooks are inserted into the desired slot so no need for screws to fix it.

Innovative INC has a unique way of making industrial tools. Perforated tool panels can be assembled together to have a custom tool board panel in equipment. Innovative INC has a renowned name as a perforated tool and serves more than 65 countries. We offer tool mounting rock as a mobile panel or with doors for the security of the tools, to hang on the wall. Tool hanging panels and perforated panels are full of strength and able to hang on the wall. We also have a variety of products like tool panels, tool boards, perforated panel tool storage, tool mounting board, tool hanging solution, tool mounting system, and many other products.

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