We understand the need of users, Innovative INC tool cabinet manufacturers in India. We developed a tool cabinet that has multiple drawers and a load-carrying capacity up to 200kg. It also divided and partitioned to organize all the tools properly, with Innovative INC only using top quality material for professional and industrial use. Each drawer also has load bearing capacity up to 200kg and different types of layouts.

As we are the tool cabinet manufacturers, we make sure that drawers are easy to move and easy to open with long life while using them roughly also. This design is purely for industrial purposes and it is also known as an industrial tool storage system. Tool cabinet also has different names i.e tool storage box, drawer tool box, mobile drawer, and tool chest. We use fine quality powder coating which you will only see in our products and tough paint finishing.

We create scale to  match your all requirements, so the cabinet has multiple choice drawer and various heights and widths are available


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Innovative INC Tool Cabinet features:

  • Wide range of designs and a variety of applications such as 570/720/1020mm wide
  • lock arrangements with 3 keys
  • heavy load carrying capacity
  • coating with finish colour

Presence in USA

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