The benefits of using cupboards of are economical cost for the parts like spares, day to day inventories in systematic order. They are easy to use and they are arranged properly and easy use of Partition and dividers.

There are three types of locking system which are used for all tool cupboards and hinged door cabinets. To maintain the transparency the door cabinets have a feature option of glass on the door. The cupboard and hinged door cabinet have plastic bins or metal on adjustable shelves. Cupboards and hinged doors are manufactured in India,This is very useful not only in the engineering sector but also in general stores. It helps in storing small things and units with good arrangements.

S.V. industries manufacture cupboards in such a way that they have optimum storage options and can be placed anywhere on the door and inside the cabinet.

There is a huge storage of heavy items and materials in drawers.It has a partition and divider for all the items in systematic order. Cupboard is also known with different names such as tool cupboard, industrial cupboard, bin cupboard, perforation cupboard.This cupboards are available with 180`door opening.


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  • Three way locking system with 3keys
  • Load bearing capacity upto 100kg
  • user friendly arrangements of the interior fittings
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