S.V.industries has made the storage solution which is mobile, portable and flexible, these products are also called as mobile tool trolleys and drawer cabinets with wheels and it’s also the storage solution and industrial workspace where the equipment moved daily for the production activity.

Our industries have various tools options and they are flexible and ensure that products can meet the proper requirements for all industries and we will provide you the workspace solution. Recover any of your workspace with S.V. industries.

S.V. industries manufacture all the tools in India, using high quality raw material, we produce the products that have high quality on time and offer you superior quality. Our dedication towards the work is the hard work of researchers and getting new design and dynamic features and great innovations.


Only professional workshops understand the benefits of the storage system.We are finding the various tools to increase the production and the time of those tools and inventories. Mobile tool trolleys have safety for storing and easy to move.
We understand the tool storage so we developed the mobile trolley. Which is used for tool storage and small spare storage and its surface. It’s easy to move and easy features located in any shop.

In India tool trolleys are known with different names such as industrial tool trolley, automobile trolley, shop floor trolley, mobile drawer cabinet and mobile cabinet.

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  • Rigid steel structure having pillars and supports
  • various design and various types of applications such as 570/720mm wide
  • Heavy carrying capacity or drawer load capacity is also high
  • powder coating finish color
  • centralised locking arrangements.
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