Bed Frames are also known as BedStead which is designed for the purpose to position the bed base, the flat part is mainly designed for frame that directly supports the mattress. And it could help to prevent the mattress from sliding sideways and some bed frames even include some support for the canopy above. You’ll find the ideal comfortable and relaxing metal bed frame in the great range at Innovative INC a metal bed frame manufacturers in USA.

What are different types of bed frames

It is the section of the bed that is designed to position the bed base, the flat part of the frame directly supports the mattress. The bed frame could also prevent the mattress from sliding sideways, and some bed frames might even include additional support for a canopy above.  


  1. Box Spring Bed Frames: It is built with a solid base which allows customer support and it lifts your mattress higher which helps it feel more luxurious rather than just keeping up with wooden slats. This bed frame can also help to increase the longevity of the mattress as they stop it from sagging in the center.  The only disadvantage is that they are known to be the most expensive kind of bed frame. 
  2. Low Platform Bed Frames: It comes with wooden slats or a lattice to support your mattress. They are closer to the ground than box spring mattresses are and are likely to be more affordable. These are easily set up and can be moved around easily.
  3. Adjustable Bed Frames: It is the least popular bed frame that enables you to adjust one sleeping position by a button which allows one to raise or lower your feet and head. 


    Before considering buying bed frames

    Does the bed frame have a headboard? 

    The majority of the bed comes with headboards that are already built in, usually made from wood and metal and in some cases padding for comfort. These headboards give your room a luxurious vibe that emulates the feeling of being in a hotel room. They also allow you to have something to lean against when watching tv or reading a book etc. 

    Does it have storage?

    The beds that have built-in storage are called ottoman beds, which is an important factor to consider if you don’t have much storage space around your home. 

    Better option: Wood bed frames or metal bed frames?

    The main thing before choosing a bed frame is the noise it makes. Metal bed frames are more likely to start creaking somewhere down the line no matter how strong or well-made they are but Wooden beds will not make much noise. 

    Advantages of Bed Frames

    1. It provide supports as the good bed frame which provides your box spring with secure housing and wont even scratch the floors. 
    2. A good frame add a level of sophistication in the room. It helps to boost the visual aesthetics of the space to a better level. 
    3. Giving extra payment is like an investing in a good quality bed frame is an investment you’ll only have to make once, and its price pays off quickly with the protection, stability, aesthetic charm they bring to the modern bedroom environment. 
    4. Elevating the mattress with be frames help to eliminate the problem and reduces the dampness under the mattress, keeping the room fresh and airy. 

    Disadvantages of Bed Frames

    1. It is very expensive
    2. They can be squeaky over time
    3. Due to the joints being metal on metal, the older the frame becomes, the more it can squeak.
    4. Metal frames can also become rusty over time, requiring parts to be replaced.


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