Mobile Compactor is an innovative space-saving storage system with storage units mounted on a trolley, thereby eliminating unproductive aisles. This system saves and/or makes the best use of space as more storage units can be accommodated on the same floor base. A mobile¬†compactor storage system is the best solution for the commercial sector facing space-related issues. This furniture not only saves space for them but provides additional space for the utility of other tasksThe technology estimates that floor area utilization can decrease by as much as 50% while an increased storage capacity of up to 180%. Compactors increase the company’s productivity and are gaining popularity over the traditional storage system.

Features of Mobile Compactor System

  • Mobile compactor systems are designed to fit both transit and small-space storage. The custom-made system is available to fit in the necessary floor space.
  • The heavy-duty storage racks mounted on trolleys offer easy movement and a unique control method to assure the security of the valuable storage. These features are being used by workplaces, warehousing, logistics organizations, libraries, hospitals, and pharmaceuticals.
  • Space is the most valued resource. Particularly in the corporate sectors of large cities where business houses and organizations are hunting for space.
  • Mobile compactors are made of sturdy components thereby increasing capacity efficiency and impact on your work.

Advantages of Mobile Compactor

1. Expand the Area

You can increase the storage space by adding an industrial racking system or decreasing the footprint of current storage. In comparison to the traditional racks, you can boost your storage capacity with the novel technique.

2. Adapt to Growth

Configurable powered systems have long-term benefits. With storage racks of high density, you can plan short or long-term development for your organization.

3. Improved Productivity

The storage system makes people quickly locate their stored objects and this frees up their time for performing other important tasks. This helps workers focus on tasks and improve productivity.

4. Added Security

The locking mechanism can be installed on any industrial storage rack while customization will provide maximum security through electronic or remote access. This assures that only authorized people can gain access to the aisles. Some items are of great value so by locking mechanism, you can secure them on site away from prying eyes.

5. Increased Efficiency

You can easily shift heavy-duty shelves closer to you when needed by raising the density of materials being stored. This boosts productivity and makes items easily accessible to you. All this results in higher efficiency at the workplace.

6. Cost Reduction

As compared to traditional cabinets, mobile compactors increase storage capacity in a small space thereby reducing the floor space for a significant cost reduction.

Compactor filing system offers a wide range of racking and shelving systems, designed to meet your business needs. They come in light-duty to heavy-duty storage ideal for items that can be manually handled. The racks on wheels facilitate navigation and ease of access to each pallet. So the system is the ultimate solution for every thriving business owner looking for expansion and aesthetics of the workplace. The filing system comes with added accessories. Contact the manufacturers to help you to identify your needs and supply the right kind of compactor system for your industrial needs.