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Welding is an attractive option for many types of pieces that need perforation such as squares, circles, rounds, oblong or embedded as louver, reliefs, protuberances among others, in Transmetal we have a large inventory of tools as well as specialized software for the design of your pieces.

Welding process and the right gas go hand in hand.

As a joining method, welding has been used for centuries. Currently, approximately 100 welding methods are used in the different sectors of the industry. The use of industrial gases to optimize welding processes dates from the 40s and 50s. Since then, gas-based welding processes have emerged to become the predominant group in joining methods.


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Electrodes, MIG, MAG, TIG and plasma are important methods of welding with protective gases. MAG welding is the preferred method for normal steels without alloys but can also be used in stainless steels and other materials.
It is essential to thoroughly understand the "internal properties" of gas compounds and their interaction in specialized mixtures for the successful use of gases in welding applications.
The welding arc itself, a highly efficient but complex tool, consists of different amounts of ionized gas and metal vapor. This means that the physical properties of the gas have a direct and immediate impact on the arc. In addition, the process gases also contact hot metals, a highly reactive area, in which the chemical and metallurgical effects of gases play an
important role. SV Industries complete offering for all your arc welding needs. It covers protective gases, supply systems and, in some countries, welding equipment, supplies and safety equipment.

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