What is Ral Color Chart?

Ral Color Chart is a system originally developed by the German State Commission for Delivery Terms and Quality Assurance. It is a color-matching system and is similar to color matching used in printing, known as the Pantone system. This development changed the way manufacturers referred to color, from the physical exchange of samples to simply referring to numbers based on charts. This system has established a common color language to eliminate confusion while matching or mixing colors. It supports creativity by facilitating color coordination between architecture, design, and applicants. Today Ral color charts are widely used for different purposes, from painting, and varnishing to powder coating to plastics.

Though there have been several changes and upgrades in RAL standards, the concept has remained the same. Having a uniform color scheme that uses the same tints, hues, and saturations makes it easier to generate powder coat colors that are constant in how many times they must be combined. 

RAL Series provides you with a range of colors to select from along with color names and an assigned number code. They are standard colors widely used to fulfill industry needs. The sectors and industries that use the Ral color chart system include industry construction, road safety,  recreation, and architecture.

Why use the Ral Color Chart system in Powder Coating?

Today the Ral color chart features an astonishing collection of around 1825 colors. All are grouped in a variety of sections. For example, Ral classic collections include 40 colors. This spectrum of colors is used widely in powder coating for a glossy look.

Here are the advantages of using the Ral series in powder coating:

Ral colors are widely used in powder coating to ensure that colors are standardized across different applications, much similar to the Pantone system in printing.

The aesthetic-looking colors attract many companies who want their colors to remain on board.

If architecture wants steel frames to be powder coated in green color, then choosing a Green from Ral chart will ensure that all pieces of steel are going to look identical.

The standardized approach to color means producing powder coats with finishes made simple. And the services remain consistent.

Ral standard colors consist of high quality, soothing sophisticated shades, and earthy tones with smooth or sanded matt textures that can offer a spectrum of choices for powder coating.

Ral colors provide finishing to any kind of metal. By using the desired color to powder coating you add a classy touch to the product with zero impact on the integrity of the powder coating.

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