Hotel beds are luxuriously comfortable and give a greater feeling than any ordinary bed. Hotel beds are comfortable and relaxing for various reasons. Every hotel does research, pool money, and connect with a known and authorized furniture manufacturer to bring a world-class experience to the guest staying with them. When it comes to choosing the bed, the most important determinant is hotel bed frames.

A bed frame is the foundation of a mattress. A strong bed frame will give you the pleasure of relaxing peacefully. There are many types of bed frames you might consider before buying.

Zip and Link

Zip and link beds are preferred by the hospitality industry due to their versatility.

The zip and link base provides the flexibility to split a large bed into two single beds as required. This enhances the dynamic usage of the hotel room. The two separate mattresses are perfect for sleeping partners who prefer different comfort levels. By adding storage options, you can increase the adaptability of these bed bases.

Zip link bed frames are easy to install and do not need special tools to secure two parts together.


Divan beds come in all bed sizes. The beds offer a sturdy base for the mattresses and do not have slats like other beds. Divans are compact in design and proportional to their mattresses. The Divan bed looks great against the backdrop of a small room if space is an issue. Divan beds are for aesthetics. They can be styled in any way you want. You can line them in different materials and fabrics. You have the choice to select the shape of the headboard. There is an option for a storage compartment in Divan beds to store linens and pillows.


Wooden bed frames come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The solid wood frame is made of highly engineered wood. So they are strong, durable, and long-lasting. The bed frames are classy and elegant, making them visually attractive. They also have storage compartments to store your bedding essentials adequately. Wooden bed frames lack the flexibility of zip and link beds and divans which can deter hoteliers.


Metal bed frames are sturdy in construction and comfortably support any mattress. Metal or wooden slats in the center allows breathability to the mattress but also reduce the need for an additional foundation. From wrought iron options to sleek steel designs, a metal bed liner offers you a variety of options to complement your hotel room. The beds tend to have ample space beneath for the storage of suitcases. Metal bed frames require little maintenance, are long-lasting and the simple structure allows you to shift them with comfort.


Upholstered bed frames are usually accompanied by a large headboard, with fabric frames in an array of colors to induce grace to your hotel room. They are elegant looking and add a touch of luxury. They can be simple in design or extravagant as the individual needs. Fabric frames tend to be lower to the floor than metal bed frames.


Guest beds are great space savers. Guest beds come with an easy roll-out mattress which is perfect for both adults and kids. Each guest bed is seamlessly stored underneath the main bed frame for when it’s not in use. So they use clever designs that make comfortable seating by day and turn into a bed for sleeping at night. They do have storage options to store bedding essentials.


Bunk beds are most popular within city hostels and student accommodations. These beds offer more free space in the room. This furniture consists of two beds, one stacked on top of the other. There are triple sleeper bunk frames that have a double bed at the bottom and a single mattress at the top. Bunk beds are trendy in design and can be used conveniently.

How to Choose a Bed Frame?

Here are some general tips to know before choosing bed frames:

  • Decide the budget you are willing to spend on the asset.
  • Think about the size of the bed frame for your space.
  • Choose the bed frame height suitable for your industry needs
  • Decide whether you need a spring box or the aesthetics of the hotel. Here it’s cozy and traditional vs sleek and modern commercial furniture you use must adhere to crib 5 regulations.

Check out different types of bed frames and other more information on bed frames and accessories for your hotel.