S.V industries also supply the workstation and workbench that manufacturer india. We produce robust and rigid workstation and workbench suppliers in all over India for all the industries. Find a ready-made Modular office workstation with us which can easily fit in your office and save a lot of time. Currently modular office workstation in india at its peak demand.

Our workbench is flexible which can carry weight upto 1500kg. We have a variety of workbenches in India such as mobile workbench, drawer workbench, industrial workbench. The drawer workbench has multiple drawers and partitions and dividers to keep things properly.

There are very rare and professional industrial tables, workbenches and workstations which are manufactured in India. workbench and the table is one and the same, it’s used for light purpose. For use in eltercial industries we also provide electrical workbench, such as Esd mat workbench and workstation.

We offer various range options each and every workbench and workstations a space saving method. The quality of the material is good which supports heavy work, which can be used in workshop production without any obstacles on the workbench and workstation. There are many companies who change their production style and efficiency but with us we offer the best workstation and workbench in India with all the features.


As an exporter of workbench and workstation in India, we focus on design and creation with a high product life cycle. Such workbench and workstation are widely used by different types of cargo, food packing industry which can solve any transport problems.The different combinations of workbench tops drawers and panels maximum working spaces and in good condition will be provided.

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  • Rigid steel structure
  • Thick, medium density fibre wood
  • Under the table cabinet is thick and with multiple options
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